The making of one Lady Able piece

My art persona Lady Able always starts her artworks with a doodle. When an idea comes to mind she quickly jots it down and then reworks the idea at a later date. In this instance a larger scale was requested, so more work than would usually be the case, was necessary.

Firstly, I made a pencil sketch which included an idea of scale and composition.

Secondly, I created some small versions in the black Indian Ink I would be using for the final artwork.

Thirdly, I cut out one of these small versions to try out different sizes, by holding it up and standing at different distances from the piece of paper, that was cut to the size which had been requested by the curator.

Once I had decided on size and composition I started to create the illustration with the thickness of the one quill in my possession and built up the thickness of the line until I was happy with it. It needed to be thick to add to the impact of this simple piece.

Once it was ready I handed it over to the curator at Taranmana gallery, along with my 5 other artworks, and she had them framed.