Sustainable Fashion Tips

Lady Able

She's a Lady, a hardworking woman with a high flying job in the City. For this reason she doesn't have too much time on her hands but she still wants to get her message across and she's not afraid of getting straight to the point!

Her illustrations in black ink challenge the current society's wasteful and thoughtless attitude towards the sustainability of our planet. Tongue in cheek digs at fast fashion, non-recyclable and toxic products, but more importantly how making the right choices could collectively make a huge difference.

Lady Able wears good quality tailored vintage clothing, mainly in black, white and cream.

Galaxy Sparkle is the most fashionista of the 6. At one time she hoped to be a fashion or furniture designer and in the past has made all sorts of practical items such as a sought after bag from old jeans in her teens and more recently wall lamps from two slices of silver birch tree. 

The piece she will be exhibiting in her upcoming exhibition is a complicated and delicate interactive piece made with second hand items, such as silver wrapping paper she received wrapped around a present years ago and which is apparently not recyclable. So Galaxy Sparkle decided to make something beautiful out of it and give it a new purpose.

What she wears is also part of her creations, putting together all sorts of second hand designer or simply unique pieces and often giving them a new twist. With this she hopes to inspire others to consider second hand items and to be adventurous with their style. 

Some of her inspirational sources are Louise Nevelson, El Anatsui, Studio Ilio and many of the designers coming out of the Redress Design Awards which aims to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

Sustainable Fashion Tips
Sustainable Fashion Tips

Galaxy Sparkle

Sustainable Fashion Tips
Sustainable Fashion Tips


MELOU is the youngest of the group, she is based on my two nieces and also me as a child. Her artwork is colourful and shows signs of both control, as an outcome of being taught, and also childish spontaneity. Like all children should, she is full of energy, likes to dance and play, and still retains some of that untamed freedom that kids have.

Her clothes are either hand-me-downs or handmade by her mother, which reflects the sustainable lifestyle of many a child.


She loves eating fruit and vegetables so her first project was called "Perfectly Packaged" and celebrates the beauty of fruit and vegetables. These artworks aim to encourage people to choose to take a piece of fruit or vegetables with them as snacks as well as cooking from fresh organic produce. She won't go as far as telling you outright to not buy packaged products as that's not in her nature and I guess she kind of assumes you would't anyway!

Her artistic idols are Hockney, Joan Mitchell, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Matisse and Aloïse Corbaz.


Willameena is a persona that harks back to a time when there was no plastic and hardly any, if any, technology. When people wore natural fabrics and ate local produce. A time when people spent much more time reading, drawing, painting, sewing, gardening, playing (non-electric) instruments and so on...


In her current work nature is one of the main themes. Landscapes that on the surface appear normal but actually reflect the devastating effects that Climate Change could have on our planet. Most of these show rising sea levels, but there are also some that attempt to erase the marks that humans have made on a landscape or at least turn back time to a more sustainable era, for example depicting a valley without the buildings that are now a blot on the landscape.

Willameena's name is a nod to William Turner, but she is also influenced by the works of Harald Sohlberg, William Heaton Cooper, Georgia O'Keeffe, Whistler, Monet, Munch, John Singer Sargent, Asta Nørregaard and many more.

Sustainable Fashion Tips
Sustainable Fashion Tips
Sustainable Fashion Tips


M is a minimalist... full stop!


Forrest doesn't see herself as an artist, more of a necessary communicator. Her mission is to show people how to survive at one with nature but her project is the least developed for several reasons. 

She has always liked spending time in the great outdoors and plans to learn some serious survival skills which she then hopes to inspire others to also do through her "art".

Jasmine Lilleby art persona Forrest
Sustainable Fashion Tips